Check out my software projects, programming, R&D, filmmaking. Here you will find several of my projects, libraries, tools, research articles, etc.
Current Projects
I have been developing games since the first iPhone 3 models came out. Here you will find most of my developed mobile games and apps.

Math, Geometry, Computer Vision, Application Library

Application Library is a general purpose C++ template class library. It contains various classes and routines for working with file systems, sockets, databases. APEAL can be compiled for almost all popular platforms including Linux/UNIX, iOS, Android, and Windows.

Mangl is a library for mobile apps which is slowly evolving into a game engine.

Computer Vision research for Real-Time spatial measurements using low quality inexpensive cameras.

Research in developing accurate object detection system. Mainly used for camera calibration systems.

Check out the shorts that I have written and directed.

Past Projects
XAOS is a brand new open source operating system. The operating system was designed mostly for educational and experimental purposes. The code and architure has been developed from scratch. This is not a Linux distribution, for my Linux project check Asperix homepage.

Asperix is a GNU/Linux distribution designed from scratch. This is a macro distribution, including almost complete set of all popular packages.

FireWire IEEE 1394 digital video camera device driver.
Classic Falling Blocks Game
New version of Pentix is released. Play Campaign and Multiplayer modes.
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Remake of Classic Columns
Release new version
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Color Lines
Remake of Classic Color Lines
New version released.
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