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Note! Some stuff here is pretty much obsolete. I have written most of the code long time ago, whenever I needed some functionality. Today many better replacements are available.

Version 021010

bld Utility helps automating the compilation process. The idea is similar to make utility, but bld utility is dedicated for compilation process only.
src Source file generation utility. Mostly used for managing source files, breaking up big files, making one from mutlitple small ones, adding copyright messages, removing/adding comments, etc.
txt2ccs Converts the text files into C-cyntax string for direct inclusion into source files.
txt2cca Converts the binary files into C-cyntax array. Use this utility if you want to include binary data directly into the source code.
lnk Linker. Supports: OMF. Builds: DOS16 EXE, DOS16 COM, Flat Binaries, XAOS Exec.
lbr Librarian. Supports OMF.
dmpobj Dumps the contents of object files. Supports OMF.

You can download the binaries as well as full sources.

Compiler Collection requires Application Library for compilation.

Copyright (C) 2006-2009 Andre Mirzoyan