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GCC is my primary compiler. All my sources are compilable by GCC hopefully without warning (I have zero-warning policy). Please visit GCC Homepage do download the latest version.
NASM Netwide Assembler
NASM is very powerful, well documented, and Free assembler. For many years I have been using Turbo Assembler. Finally I have rewritten all my assember modules to Netwide Assembler. You can download the version I use
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hereor visit Netwide Assembler Homepage to get the latest version.
Digital Mars Digital Mars
Digital Mars Compiler seems to be the only powerful C++ compiler which can generate Intel 16-bit Real Mode code. Please visit Digital Mars Homepage to download the free version.
DJGPP is a DOS port of GNU C++ compiler. DJGPP includes 32-bit DOS extender. Visit DJGPP Homepage to download the latest version.
Cygwin Cygwin
Cygwin basically simulates UNIX under Windows. Cygwin comes with lots of tools, shells, etc., and Windows GCC port. I recommend Cygwin not just for compilation purposes, but also for countless of convenient UNIX-like utilities, that unfortunately don't come with Windows. Visit Cygwin Homepage to download the latest version.
BC Borland C++ 3.1
Borland C++ 3.1 was used long ago to compile 16-bit DOS modules. Unfortunately this compiler is not free, pretty much discontinued and obsolete. You can visit Borland Homepage and try to buy "Turbo C++ Suite" which includes the 16-bit DOS compiler. I would suggest using free Digital Mars compiler for compiling DOS 16-bit code. For 32-bit code you could use DJGPP.
Copyright (C) 2006-2009 Andre Mirzoyan